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Employers and Employees-The “Me” vs. “We” Mindset

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“As the U.S. job market tightens and wages grow, there is a widening disconnect between how employees and employers think about work”…are the findings of The ADP Research Institute (ADPRI) who commissioned a new survey to understand what workers consider when deciding whether to stay at their current job or look for a new position.

Employees tend to, among other things, concentrate on their work environment and look for meaning in their job (the “me” mindset”).  Employers tend to focus on the bigger picture areas like financial performance and reputation (the “we” mindset).

The ADP report finds that job switching is at an all time high, with about 27% of U.S workers changing jobs on an annual basis and in turn causing new employee search and retraining costs to sky rocket.  Other alarming statistics show that 63% of an employer’s workforce is open to leaving for another job and even more staggering…46% of employees would consider a job that matched their current salary or paid less.

At Cheers Chalet and Creative Executive Catering we feel like we provide Central and Southern Ohio employers with tools that can bring their employee retention rates up dramatically.  The attitude and moral of an employee increases when they are rewarded with appreciation events.

Cheers Chalet has a unique opportunity to observe an owner of a business, plant manager or supervisor greet their employees, shake their hands and be introduced to the employees family.  The smile on the employees face tells the story.  As the employees family heads toward the beautiful Picnic Grove, with mature trees to shade the dining area, to enjoy a Pig Roast with all the delicious trimmings…they begin to feel like maybe they really do make a difference.  What better way to bring joy to an employee as they hear their kids giggle and laugh while on a hayride through the woods…take a spin on the lake in a paddle boat or have their faces professionally painted.  The enjoyable life moments and memories that are experienced at these events are much better discussion topics than an upset employee that complains about their job.

Company activities communicate that the employee is worth the cost of training at an off-site location like Cheers Chalet…with a continental breakfast…a delicious lunch and even a snack in the afternoon.  It produces a better educated employee and at the same time builds on the loyalty the employee has for the employer.

Cheers Chalet is located in Northern Fairfield County, which makes it convenient to our neighboring counties of Franklin (greater Columbus), Hocking (Logan), Perry (New Lexington), Licking (Newark & Heath), Pickaway (Circleville) and the employers of those counties to use our 70 acre facility for Company Picnics, training, award banquets, Christmas parties and much more.  Any one of these type functions will go a long way to retaining your employees, building moral and in turn…saving the employer dollars.

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